Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hard at work, "Labor Day"

Or hardly working.
After trying to find a decent pic to post, I had to rely on my dog to be the only one to post. Char has posted this one before. This is my Shorkie "Bailee". she is a babydoll, and will be a year old Oct 3rd.
Unlike my sister Char, I am without talent. She writes poems, takes pictures, creative, crafty, great taste, just a regular freaking Martha Stewart. But she is too sweet, just hate that she is a thousand miles away. We used to meet on Yahoo every night to play Scrabble but now that she has gotten older and needs her beauty sleep, she goes to bed early, now I have to find other things to keep me occupied.
We have several things in common, smoking, drinking and cursing, which we did not get from out Mother. She is the next thing to Mother Theresa.
Labor Day in Kentucky is a long holiday, involving the last week end of open pools and boating, the temp is already dropping as is the leaves, the color will be beautiful this year. Maybe I can get some pictures to share. We will have our last hoo-rah at our place on Barkley Lake, BBQ, kids and grandkids, friends and relatives. I do most of the cooking along with my husband Tim, master of the smoker. If you have never had his smoked Boston Butts, ribs and chicken, you have not had real BBQ. I shucked and silked 100 ears of corn, cleaned 5 pounds of mushrooms, peeled carrots and new potatoes, onions and celery for out Crab Boil. Shrimp and Sausage. It is always a hit with everyone. makes my mouth water already. I just hope that I have some energy to visit with guests. I would think that is why they call it Labor Day, should be "Days: because I have toiled for 3 days now just to get ready for 3 more days of hard labor, it will take me 3 days after just to rest up.
Better quit for now, very new at this, hope it is readable. Sneeze ya later, Twisted Sister


  1. What a great surprise! Great job on your first post. I am so glad you did this. Welcome aboard Twisted sis!

  2. LOL, I worked on it for 3 hours, trying to figure it out, who sees this anyway? Lub ya

  3. Hey there! Char sent me over to welcome you to Blogaritaville, so WELCOME!! :-)

  4. Thanks a bunch, but dont expect the special way with words that she has, hard enough for me just to type. LOL

  5. Welcome to Blogtropolis! Stopping by via your sis's blog...cracks me up that you two do a little trash-talking. :) Beth

  6. Twisted Sister, you smoking, drinking, cussing, corn shucking woman, you'll fit right in! Welcome!