Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Reunions and such

Labor "Days" have come and gone, totally zapped, but all went well, except for the fueds between husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and next door neighbors over the least little things. I would contribute that to to much closeness and too much alcohol that was consumed that week end. Tim {my other half} is 6'5" and weighs in at 300 was the ref in most of the conflicts, we didnt have one in our conflict other than the tears that streamed down my face when we had our words, and that always stops him dead in his tracks as it did that day, we women have a way with emotions. So it was on to the next blow out this past week end.

For those of you that dont know the location and lay out of Kentucky, the eastern half of the state, although it is beautiful but mostly mountains. That is where my husbands family is from.
I have been informed that he has 2 acres of land that he inherited that is somewhere on the side of one of those Vallie's, that if you drop a walnut at the top of his property line it would never quit rolling, I have never seen it, but I think he plans to retire there, he said we didnt need a sewer system, wonder why. We have been married for 16 years and this past week end was the Bowling family reunion which is always the weekend after Labor Day. This was my first to attend, he never wanted to go until this year when he found out that he had a long lost cousin, {UncleLevi's and Aunt Sarahs} grandson would be coming in, along with other members of his family I had never met. They were all amazing and too funny especially after breaking out the"moon shine" from behind the bar, I didnt have the gonads to sip it but just running it under my nose removed all facial hair and was an instant fire ball to my nostrils. Thanks, I will stick to Coors Light and an occasional glass of wine. But fun was had by all. We played washers and washer boards and a game called corn hole, the name is enough to turn you off but it is played by throwing bags of corn into holes on a long numbered board. "Whew" I was relieved to know what I was about to play after committing to be a partner.

The food and booze was plentiful and great,along with the host and hostess. I had made 10 pounds of German pot. salad which some had never heard of but ate with great gusto. after being there all day we decided to go home at 8:30, retrieving my dish with little remains of my salad I was informed that there were more coming and they would be there till the wee hours of the morning, meaning "leave your dish". There were people there that had the last name but were not related, it didnt matter they were all welcome and the kissing est bunch of people I had ever met. I have never swapped so much sugar and saliva in my life, from 90 year olds down to a 4 day old baby. Needless to say at 2:30 am I woke up with the stomach virus that kept me home from church and in bed most of the day, I cant look at a bite of food or water yet with out a trip to the john. So much for family reunions, dont think I will go back for 16 more years.


  1. You know you really should be more careful joining up with partners you don't know, to play games you never heard of! I mean...corn hole!!!
    I thought I taught you better! Geeze!

  2. I was so relieved when they climbed up in that big truck for the boards, but you know me, all in for a game.

  3. Its just me, checking in for a new posting. =)