Thursday, November 12, 2009

Toothless Wonder

Well sis, here I go again, I changed my picture of Bailee to one of the golf cart at the Chicken Festival Parade in the big town of Sebree. Thats Morgan and Collin, riding with me, and if you can zoom in close enough to my face, you can see I am smiling with a full set of teeth, look close, they are there. Its a shame that I left my camera down at the lake or I would take a new one to post for you. I can eat an ear of corn through a picket fence. I broke the crown on the front tooth. and it cant be put back on, except by me and 14 bottles of super glue. The dentist took impressions and is waiting to get it back from the lab, mean while I am a prisoner in my house. I havent been out in public unless I get positioned just right and glued it long enough to to last for an hour or two, I am afraid to talk to anyone that it will pop out in their face. Mom says "Dont be stupid Kathy Lee, you dont notice it when you your mouth is closed". Like she would go out without her dentures in. She wont go to the IGA without her matching beads and earrings on. She is happy now because she knows where I am 24/7. Hopefully the dentist will call soon, and I can quit whistling Dixie when I open my mouth.

And another thing thats wrong, I watched Greys tonight, the old man that was diagnosed with the Hydrocephalus, I got so excited, then ticked, I coulda had McDreamy. Oh to have awaken from surgery with him looking down at me. U think? He came out of surgery with the shunt in the back and a full head of hair and cured, he was going back to teaching. I came out with a Mohawk hair cut, a 2 inch plastic pipe in my temple and running down the side of my head into my stomach, never saw the friggin Dr. and I have CRS disease. Geeze just my luck. Sneeze ya later gator, I did like the post of your golfing partner.

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  1. Got your tooth back yet?

    You know as well as I, that you are not going to have a normal medical experience. Amazing how that guy came out with hair. Remember your Dr. telling us that they would only shave a couple of inches!

    Oh yeah, I don't think there are any real doctors that look like McDreamy.